Polynomial Multiplication

for iPad

With the Polynomial Multiplication app you can practice multiplying polynomials with a step-by-step method. And you can get additional help at each step.

The app saves your most recent problems and allows you to play back previously solved problems. You can play back problems step by step or with an animation. You can stop the playback at any time and continue to solve the problem yourself.

The Polynomial Multiplication app has several settings that allow you to set the difficulty to suit your needs. You can either pick answers for each step from multiple choices or you can type in the answers yourself. The former method is a great way to start using the app and then later you can start to type in your answers. Eventually you can hide the current multiplication, or addition step and solve the problems without any help.

You can have positive and negative coefficients and you can control how hard random problems the app generates. And you have complete freedom to set your own problems. The multiplicand can be forth-degree polynomial and the multiplier a third-degree polynomial.

When you type in your answers you can use a custom keyboard that enables you to enter variables and exponents with just one tap. Each keyboard in the app also contains a built-in calculator.

For several types of multiplication steps the app contains help balloons that break the steps into even smaller sub steps that help you solve the steps. Just tap the “Help me” button to open a balloon that will guide you to enter the correct answer.


  • Enter your own problems
  • Whole number and fraction coefficients
  • Choose difficulty levels and let app generate problems
  • Step-by-step help that breaks down difficult parts
  • Choose "Help Me" button at any time
  • Multiple choice or enter own answers
  • Add variables and exponents with one click
  • Keyboard with built-in calculator
  • History saves old problems for replay

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