About iDevBooks Math & Geography Apps

iDevBooks apps are designed and made by me in Espoo, Finland.

I have been a researcher of algorithm visualization, designing educational applications that made complex algorithms more accessible to computer science students.

The Finnish Society of Computer Science gave me the Annual Finnish Master’s Thesis Award for my thesis on algorithm visualization in 1988.

I had designed programs for visualizing algorithms for computer science students and I decided to use that knowledge to make great teaching and learning apps for children and everybody who wants to study math.

You will find my apps by choosing the math apps -link or the geography apps -link. You can use the endorsements -link to find testimonials by teachers.

Core value proposition of iDevBooks apps

All of my 25 math apps have a lightweight experience. They are optimized less around bells and whistles and more around the way how they can help students learn.

Core features of iDevBooks math apps:

    • no ads
    • no in-app purchases
    • wrong answers are not penalized
    • there are no timers, counters or a sense of rush
    • distractions are kept to a minimum
    • user feedback is valued and the apps are updated with new features based on feedback from teachers and parents
    • no user tracking of any kind

Please use the contact form if you have any questions or other feedback.

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Esa Helttula