Endorsements by Teachers for iDevBooks Math Apps

Teachers With Apps Certified Developer

Mobile devices have been making in-roads into the learning space since their debut. The mobile tablet, especially, will continue to progress to the head of the class. To salute this ongoing trend, Teachers With Apps aims to acknowledge outstanding apps and app developers in the education app industry that go above and beyond excellence.

This Certification was designed to recognize and applaud App Developers who have consistently brought education apps to the mobile platform that are exemplary in content, presentation, and execution, as well as overall user experience. These distinguished developers have created four or more apps that meet our high standards and criteria.

Rita Zeni

Students in Ecole Sandy Hill Elementary using Math Apps by idevbooks.

One of the apps that the students in Abbotsford use in French is Everyday Column-Addition (Addition par Colonnes).

Trade-First Subtraction (La soustraction par ├ęchanges en premier) works also in French.

Grade 4/5
Ecole Sandy Hill Elementary
Abbotsford, BC,

"The Math apps by idevbooks allow students to practice and reinforce the specific computation strategies taught in class, with as much or as little scaffolding as necessary.

They also provide individualized feedback to each student, with an immediacy that is not always possible through pencil and paper practice. Being able to adjust the level of difficulty to suit their needs is also very motivating for the students. I am so glad to have come across this great educational tool!"

Zachariah R. Prowell

5th Grade Discovery Teacher / Patrol Leader
Highlands Elementary
Edina, Minnesota

"In my class I have used it to assist students with seeing the steps to properly completing multiplication opperations such as partial products and partial quotients. There are students who see my examples who still need some guidance, and after using your app have said, "Now I get it." The feature of selecting possible solutions in each step helps some of my students who are still building their multiplication facts. They can gain experience in using these new concepts but not be left behind.

Helping student understanding are the animations. They are smooth and really illustrate a step-by-step understanding of how to complete new styles of multiplication.

I really look forward to using the other apps you have to offer such as the division and fraction apps. Thank you for recognizing this need and making Math easier to understand and more fun."

Jeanna Bryson

Kings Mountain Intermediate School
Kings Mountain, North Carolina,

"Many times we teach the skill and see that they have the steps down - but when they do it on paper they seem to "forget"

- I had downloaded one of your addition apps - with the carrying, etc.... They think it is sssooo cool that they app just moves that number in the correct spot. We use it to make the point that - "remember - we told you to carry - and so the app does this too (or whatever the step is).

They seem to think we - as teachers don't know how to do math - but when they see the app solve it the same way we told them - it reinforces what we have been trying to teach them.

We break down the problems just like you do in the columns. It is amazing how many problems they will work like this - as opposed to paper and pencil. I have used the app before as - as soon as you do 5 problems correctly then you can play this app - then I may them do 5 more - or go to the next level in the process."


4th grade teacher

"Our school serves students with emotional disturbances and Autism. We are a K-12 school, but the entire school only has about 85 students. We have 27 iPod touches and 2 iPads. The devices themselves have been rather effective.

My students have responded particularly well to the Long Division app featured on momswithapps not too long ago. What they like about this app is that they are guided through the steps of solving the problem and there is very little room for error. For students with emotional disturbances math can be very frustrating, and with the guidance and support of step-by-step problem solving strategies they feel as if they can achieve. Also, the more positive reinforcement - the better."