Polynomial Long Division

for iPad

Polynomial Long Division is the first iPad app to teach students how to solve such problems in a step-by-step scenario, breaking down the steps to make the difficult and intimidating process simple. The app offers problems for users to solve ranging in difficulty level; students select the type of problem they wish to complete and get started. Users are also able to enter their own long division problems, with up to a four-degree dividend and up to a three-degree divisor into the application.

The application features a custom keyboard that makes entering problems simple. Users can enter positive or negative coefficients, which can be either whole numbers or fractions. Exponents and variables can be added with one simple touch on the intuitive keyboard. The sleek keyboard lacks any confusing, extraneous keys, making its use easy and quick. Each keyboard also features a calculator option for the user's aid in solving his or her problem.

Students may also adjust the difficulty level by choosing to either pick each step's answer from a multiple-choice selection or to input the answer by themselves. As the user goes through the problem, step-by-step help bubbles appear to break down the more complex multiplication, division, and subtracting pieces of the problem. Students can click the "Help Me" bubble at all times to find this break down when they are stuck. This help will guide students to the correct answer, teaching them how to do the problem along the way. Eventually, the user can hide the multiplication, division, and subtraction help and attempt to complete a problem without any aid at all.

The application features a History tab that allows users to go back and view old problems. Students can pause current problems so they can resume work on them later, or they can review old, solved problems to study the concepts. The solutions to the old problems can be viewed with a handy, step-by-step animation that the user can play, pause, skip, or work through again on his or her own. The app features background settings that can be changed as well, and may be used in portrait or landscape view.

Its comprehensive, step-by-step nature, along with the wide array of difficulty levels, makes Polynomial Long Division appropriate for math students of all skill levels. The app is perfect for special needs students, math experts looking for a challenge, or just those who feel intimidated by polynomial long division. Wrong answers are never penalized in the app, and this allows students to discover and learn the concept without fear of failure and in a stress-free environment.


  • Enter own problems, up to 4-degree dividend and 3-degree divisor
  • Whole number and fraction coefficients
  • Choose difficulty levels and let app generate problems
  • Step-by-step help that breaks down difficult parts
  • Choose "Help Me" button at any time
  • Multiple choice or enter own answers
  • Add variables and exponents with one click
  • Keyboard with built-in calculator
  • History saves old problems for replay

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