Fraction as Slope

for iPad

The Fraction as Slope app provides algebra students a new visual way to think about slope and fractions by showing how fractions are slopes. This provides an opportunity to increase conceptual understanding of both fractions and slopes.

Students can explore, compare, add, subtract, reduce, and expand positive and negative fractions just by drawing and moving graphs of lines.


-Explore equivalence classes of fractions
-Visually compare fractions using slopes
-Visually reduce and expand fractions
-Learn a new visual way to add and subtract fractions with uncommon denominators

Teachers with Apps review:

"Fraction as Slope by Esa Helttula of iDevBooks is simply elegant. It is written for big kids with a design that respects and lends gravity to what they are learning. It does not have pizza pies or bears running through the woods in order to gather the correct numbers for a presented equation. The app is simply composed of an adjustable grid where numbers are plotted along an axis so that you can visually SEE that fraction as a slope with all its equivalents, i.e. that 1/2 is the same as 2/4, or 5/10. AND that is what makes this so great. The replay value is simply genius in not only its layout and design for tablet use but also how fractions are presented in general. Visual learners can quickly get the skinny on fractions and by adding the kinetic component; it cements the concepts to memory. There are four sections with many options so that the app can be adjusted to provide the just right challenge over time. It is kid driven for open exploration, but still provides enough structure so there is a sense of completion and accomplishment. There are settings on both the home page and within each section that kids have access to at any time if they want more of a challenge or to adjust the grid size." Read more ...

GeekDad review:

"Fraction as Slope allows your kids to play around with graphed lines and see the connection between fractions and slopes. It’s a straightforward, targeted learning app, and kids will enjoy manipulating the graphs manually. All of Esa Helttula’s math apps are useful, clean, and focused. Each one targets a specific math concept, and I highly recommend all of them, depending on what part of math your kids are working on." Read more ...

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