Egyptian Multiplication

for iPad, iPhone, and Windows 10 PCs

This app can be used to teach and study the ancient Egyptian multiplication method.

The Egyptian Multiplication Method

Ancient Egyptians were able to multiply any two numbers by using just the ability to multiply by 2, and to add.

Settings and features:

- The multiplicand can have up to 1 or 2 digits
- The multiplier can have 1 or 2 digits
- Custom and random problems
- The current operation for each step can be hidden
- The operands for the current operation can be highlighted
- There are 3 different themes
- The speed of the animations can be set
- Different interface on iPhone and iPad
- Works in portrait and landscape orientation on the iPad

Egyptian Multiplication videos

Egyptian multiplication with one and two digit numbers

8 x 67



Egyptian multiplication with two digit numbers

54 x 73


Egyptian Multiplication Method in the Apple VPP Store for Education

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Egyptian Multiplication Method in the VPP store