What are iDevBooks worksheets?

Three ways to set up problems in iDevBooks apps

Opening a worksheet

Opening a worksheet.

Showing the problems in a worksheet

The problems window has a green dot after solved problems.

Closing a worksheet

Worksheets can be closed in the Worksheets window.

There are three ways to set up problems in iDevBooks math apps:

  • type in problems one by one
  • let the app generate new random problems based on difficulty settings
  • open a worksheet that contains up to 10 problems

Open a worksheet in an iDevBooks math app

To open a worksheet in an iDevBooks app you type in the worksheet number. Each worksheet has a unique 5-digit number.

Worksheets work in 21 iDevBooks math apps and a list of all compatible apps is here. If your app does not have the Worksheets button, please check that it is listed in the compatible apps list and that you are using the latest version.

You can open worksheets that are made for other iDevBooks apps, as long as the problems are compatible with the current app. All addition problems can be opened with any addition app, all division problems with any division app, etc.

See the problems in the current worksheet

The problems button opens a window that shows all problems in the current worksheet. There is a green dot after problems that have been solved.

Next problem button

Students don't have to solve problems in order. The next problem button steps loops through unsolved problems.

Closing a worksheet

The currently open workshseet can be closed in the Worksheets window.