Worksheets help

Start using worksheet in 3 steps

There is no need to log in, register, or provide any personal information. You can just start making worksheets. The system has been designed to be completey anonymous.

Teacher typing in problems for a worksheet

A worksheet with 3 problems:

234 x 456
356 x 432
12 x 456

Step 1

Open the Make a new worksheet page on any device.

Step 2

Type in a worksheet for addition, subtraction, division, or multiplication and tap or click submit. The workhseet is assigned a unique 5-digit number that identifies the worksheet from now on.

Step 3

Open the workseet in an iDevBooks math app on iPad of iPhone by typing in the worksheet number that was shown to you after step 2. There is no limit to the number of students that can open a worksheet at the same time.

Making a worksheet

You can make worksheets on the Make a new worksheet page. Worksheets work in 21 iDevBooks math apps for addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication (version 5.0 or higher).

Worksheets are automatically assigned a random 5-digit number. If you need to edit a worksheet, you can open the old worksheet, make changes to it, and save it as a new worksheet with a new number.

Sending worksheets to students

There are sevaral ways to send worksheets to students depending on what kind of mobile device management system your school has. Worksheets also work without an MDM by using email, or just typing in the worksheet number in the app.

Opening a worksheet.

Opening worksheets from the apps

To open a worksheet students type in the worksheet number. Each worksheet has a unique 5-digit number.

Worksheets work in 21 iDevBooks math apps and a list of all compatible apps is here. If your app does not have the Worksheets button, please check that it's version is 5.0 or higher.

Using Apple Classroom to open worksheets in students' apps

Use the Classroom share extension to share the worksheet with students from Safari.

Use the Share Extension introduced in Classroom 1.1 to share the correct worksheet page with your students:

  1. Go the worksheet page by typing in the worksheet number in the Worksheets front page.
  2. Sharing it with the Safari share sheet. If you can't see the Classroom Share extension, tap the more button to add it. You need to have Classroom installed and configured using an education configureation profile.
  3. Your students iPads will open the worksheet page in Safari and they can tap the link that opens the worksheet.

You can also bookmark the page and share it directly from the Classroom app.

iDevBooks math apps support Shared iPad and worksheets, with information about solved problems, are saved in iCloud.

Emailing to students a link that contains the worksheet

You can also copy the link to the worksheet and email it to students. When students tap the emailed link, it will open the correct app and load the worksheet.

Visual feedback for the teacher

A student using an iDevBooks math app

Students progress throught the worksheet is shown by a green bar.

The progress bars are easy for the teacher to see when she walks around the class.

If the teacher has the Apple Classroom management or similar app she can use the Screen View feature to see thumbnails of all student iPads on her iPad. The iDevBooks worksheet enabled apps have a green bar that shows progress and the bar is clearly visible in the thumbnails.


Teachers, parents, or students don't have to register or give any information about themselves. Making, sharing, and using iDevBooks worksheets is completely anonymous. Only the worksheets are saved on iDevBooks servers. You can't make worksheets that contain letters, so it is impossible to save sensitive information even by mistake as only worksheets with arithmetic problems are saved. For the full iDevBooks privacy policy, please open the privacy policy page.