Order of Operations

for iPad

This math app is about the concept of order of operations. The user can evaluate random and custom expressions with exponentiation, division, multiplication, addition, and subtraction operations on integers and decimals. Operations can be grouped with nested parenthesis.

Expressions are evaluated one operation at a time just by tapping the operation. If the user taps an operation that can’t be solved next, the app tells why that was the wrong choice. There are no penalties for wrong answers.

After each step the solution for the current operation flies to the correct place. For example after solving 3 - 1 the answer 2 will fly to the correct place and the rest of the expression will move down. That way the user sees that only one part of the expression is solved in each step.

The user learns that the complexity of the initial expression does not matter because you only need to solve one operation at each step.

The app uses a hierarchy of operators triangle called boss triangle that shows the order of operations using a pyramid with exponents at the top, x and ÷ in the middle and + and - at the bottom. The rules are shown in a visual way instead of mnemonics.

How can teachers use it? (advise from Common Sense Media)

Common Sense Media: "Use Order of Operations by iDev Books in the classroom for targeted practice. Take some time to adjust the settings according to kids' skill levels. If you have enough devices, kids should practice independently. Alternatively, they can share devices and take turns after evaluating a given number of expressions. Circulate as students practice so you can get a sense of their progress. Advanced students can create and save their own expressions and have partners evaluate them."

Practically an unlimited number of different expressions to evaluate

The settings dialog can be used to set the difficulty of random problems.

With the Order of Operations app it is possible to enter over 100 trillion (one million million) different custom expressions.

You can let the app generate random problems that are as difficult or easy that you like.

Settings for random problems:

-allow multiplications
-allow divisions
-allow exponents
-allow multi-digit numbers
-allow decimals
-allow parenthesis
-allow nested parenthesis



Order of Operations in the Apple VPP Store for Education

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Order of Operations in the VPP store